1. "ROBOTRONIK" For Hire. likes · about this. Invite Batman, Captain America and even Darth Vader to your next event. Whether it's a Birthday party.


When our one-of-a-kind  "ROBOTRONIK"  entertainer crashes a party, he electrifies the room…and everyone gets pumped up with adrenaline! Dressed in that imposing red-and-gold armor we all know from the popular movie series, he dances, he shoots out light rays from his hands, he interacts with the crowd, and he poses for pictures. You can be sure they’ll be talking about that around the water cooler the day after your party!

Type of Events to Rent  ROBOTRONIK Cameo 

    Birthday party  - Any Other Social Celebrations
    Sweet 15 - Quinceañeras - Sweet 16  & Other
    Night Clubs - Streets Promotions - Business Promotion & Other 
    Entertainment -  Music Video - Commercial - Films - & Other


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